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with a Regional Winery & Brewery Guide for Locals & Visitors.

Proudly Serving the Treasure Valley since 2015!

The Keys to Our Success

Incredible Distribution
20,000 copies are strategically distributed
to 800 locations in the Treasure Valley
Never Thrown Away
Our directory is used to help guide locals and visitors to the best locations in the 208. It is used as a resource guide and not thrown away.... it is referred to over and over again.
No Subscriptions
Reaches new customers each month.
Full Color
Color enhances readability by 70-75%! Comprehension and brand awareness is enhanced by 80%
Printed on high quality gloss paper instead of newsprint.
Specially Sized
Fits in a woman’s purse or your vehicle’s glove box.
Bonus Features
We’re also featuring a Calendar of Events and Maps for self-guided tours.
We are a full-color publication informational based with editorials.

Our advertisers get results because their ad is the content.

It is digest sized and constructed with high quality, long-lasting paper so that patrons can shop from it for months. Because we directly target establishments that including but not limited to: Wineries, Breweries, Tasting Rooms, Wine Shops, Beer Markets, Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Golf Courses, Visitors Centers, Airport & Hotels, Beer & Wine Festivals, and Special Events.

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