Does advertising in the 208 Guide work?

Ask anyone in the book and see for yourselves. Most of my customers have been with me for over 4 years and some since the very beginning.

How long has the directory been out there?

We started it in March 2015

How did I become involved in it?

Charles was in the food and beverage industry for 14 years and realized that the brewery, winery and spirits industry was taking off in the Treasure Valley. As co-owner of the Parents Guide I felt driven to produce a publication that guides locals and visitors to the best breweries, wineries and spirit locations in the 208.

How well are the books picked up?

Almost 95% of the books are picked up...the ones that are left over are given to real estate companies that put them in relocation packets to new families moving to the area. Families hold on to them for 6+ months.
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